Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome to The Home Ownership and All That Comes With It!

So I woke up yesterday and with renewed energy and all, aiming to tackle a bunch of the back log stuff, only to find a small puddle of water between the water heater and the washing machine! Upon further investigation, I found out that...

It was not from the washing machine. Whew!
It was from the water heater - Boo.

So the search of that piece of Home Warranty document began. We signed so many papers and I just could not remember where did I put it or if we even have purchased it?

Right then and there, I knew what my new add-on HTC list will be - Taming the Paper Tiger once more.

Since we moved I have not a chance to work on organizing the library/office. My binders are everywhere. It has been bothering me greatly but I kept telling myself as soon as I get a chance - I want to enjoy the time with Robert and Christine while they are home on Christmas break - I will reorganize it. Well, whether I like it or not, I have to tackle it NOW before I go in sane.

Mind you, I do love to organize paperwork and such. So I will focus on this task this week and will share it here later.

On the bright side of things, we finally got our Heat/Air System replaced/installed. For the first time in two months we had a warm night last night! It is the biggest expense by far for the Home Improvement projects but we are biting the bullet, knowing it is a great asset for the house and also a tax write off item.

I think I will create an Home Improvement spread sheet to track the projects of this house. It will be fun to look back later.

They did such a fine job!

Brian (our friend and contractor) and his assistant Dale.

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Melinda said...

Our home warranty insurance came in handy for us after we bought our house because we had several plumbing problems in the first year.