Wednesday, January 2, 2013

House with A Yard

We are owner of a house and a yard! What a miracle!

Seems like forever ago that what I had been wished for was to own a tiny house with a small yard where Peter could run around. Peter was born in the time when my mind and heart have been contented with the idea of small living. Every time when friends asked: "Are you still in that little house?" I would say: "yes... and I will probably die there as well." Thinking there would not be a chance to move into a house in the same town we are in, I started letting go stuff and started repainting the condo so we would be more comfortable in a less cluttered small home. That was our (rather, my) plan. In June last year, however, after our oldest son and his family came to visit and left, Robert announced that we would be selling and moving. What a surprise it was to me! After consulted with a friend whose ministry and heart is to help people with their finance, we found out we would be able to do it with very careful budgeting.

So I started dreaming. I began my "wish list" to God that a two-room house with an area to continue my home biz and functional kitchen and bathrooms would be "very fine" with me as long as there is a yard for Peter to run around. Out of all my children, Peter is the one who seems to need the outdoor space the most.

Like many people in the selling and buying process, we too, went through lots of ups and downs in looking for that "perfect" house, but when this one fell on our laps on the night we were so discouraged and were actually considering moving to another city, I knew it was from the Lord. This house was not love at first sight for me but for Robert, his heart was (and still is) totally in it. I have never seen him being so excited (well, besides our wedding day). I just could not say no.

This house has three bed rooms, one den, a living room, dining room, kitchen and two baths with an attached garage. The kitchen and the bathrooms ARE functional and the yard, the yard - it was way more than what we have asked for. Lots of work need to be done but we will have time to do them as this will be our last home. God fulfilled my heart's desire with the "wish list" I gave Him - plus more.

Peter has been having so much fun out there digging and shoving. It makes my heart sing every time I see him out there playing. God's plan is always better than mine. Time and time again He has proven that to me.

The house is growing on me. Now with the heat/air system replaced, it feels more like home with each passing day.

My heart is so grateful for all the turn of events in our lives these last two years. Miracles indeed do happen.

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