Friday, January 4, 2013

Yard Work Love

I found out I thoroughly enjoy doing yard work.

Perhaps it is due to living in a condo for so long and the association was taking care of every blade outside our living space. This is the first time in our married life that I actually get to go outside of the house and WORK on the yards!

I am loving and thanking God for every minute of it. Granted I do live in a more pleasant climate so the sunshine in winter is actually a welcoming guest to me.

Peter is almost always outside playing nowadays. I am taking a gazillion of pictures of him playing out there. I think subconsciously I want to keep these moments fresh in my mind with just a click of the button later on.

I just came back into the kitchen and was trying to do some dishes only to find that the water pressure is so low that it made it very difficult to wash anything in the kitchen sink.


Keep calm and call hubby and the serviceman.

Or maybe I should just go back out and do some more yard work. :)

 Peter playing in the yard next to his "tiny house". Love those big boxes the appliances came with.

Joshua nailed some steps on this huge pine tree in our back yard. I am seeing a swing coming on one of those branches soon.

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Alicia S. said...

We're updating our backyard and I want this for our backyard tree. I looked everywhere on pinterest for just a picture of what a wanted to do so that I could show my husband - nothing elaborate, just a few planks nailed neatly to the tree for the kids to reach the low-lying perch. I finally just googled for a picture and found this! Perfect. :)