Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Caleigh

It was good to see James and Cassie again today. I finally got to meet little Caleigh. Christine went with me to Karen (Jame's mom)'s home, where the young couple stay for this week. Seeing Caleigh reminded us of Ezri. Caleigh is a tall little girl with very strong neck muscle. She smiled so much, such a good baby. I wish the visit was longer but we needed to pick up Josh from his class and James and Cassie had a long day of engagements ahead of them so we bid farewell after an hour. They said they may come back for the new year, I hope they do and I hope my Erik and Emma and the grand kids could come at the same time, too. That would be a great visit (and a longer visit) we could have!

She is so cute!
Peter looked huge next to Caleigh!
Me holding little Caleigh with her wonderful parent.

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