Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yep, my daughter is learning how to drive.  She drove 45 minutes with me this morning coming home from a photo session and one hour this evening with her Dad to and from an event.  She is doing great in her driving.  A very cautious driver.  It is me that has a little hard time to see yet another baby growing up.

Remember how excited he was when he got one of the Wii games from his birthday gifts?  Well, today while I was out with Christine, Robert decided to check out the surround sound of the game with Josh and when Josh tested the game, he won 1st place in the car race and popped it come a very immodest figure to "cheer" him on.  Robert was so shock that he suggested Joshua to remove the game from his collection, and here is when it happened - Joshua complied!  This comforted my heart immensely.  I was just praying yesterday for him to have deeper discernment as he is stepping into the teenage years.  Thank you Lord for prayer answered.

and for Peter?  Well... he constantly amazes his mommy by showing her what he created.

What a great pattern!

I love my kids.  Praise the Lord for all the growth in them, big and small, hard or easy.

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