Friday, January 11, 2013

Plan of Attack

So I keep on reading that wonderful book. I am so excited to get started that I have made an effort to acquire most of the new (to me) ingredients through health stores and on-line shops.

However, I am not sure how my boys will react to this eating plan. Robert and I are fully on board but I suspect that I would need to some how convince the boys that this is a great eating plan for our health.

Lucky for me - this book has oodles of healthy snack and dessert recipes! Some of them require no cooking time at all. Since Joshua is gone this weekend, I decided to test them on Peter.

To my surprise, he loves the almond milk because of its sweetness (I bought the sweetened kind by mistake). Although in the future I will be buying just the unsweetened one and will sweeten the milk up at home with honey (for Peter and Josh) and just plain for me and Robert.

Cow's milk will be a thing of the past in this household soon as I found out that it is nothing but a bunch of liquid carb and fat mix together which unless you are the body type that has high metabolism, will cause fat belly if over-drink it. Almond milk will be taking its place in the fridge.

The new sweetener I have been introduced to is Stevia. I tried it this morning in my coffee. I have to say I am not crazy about it at all. I rather take no sugar than adding something I don't like. Hopefully it will taste a bit better in desserts.

With that said, here are the two things for Peter to try today:

 Diced up some cheddar cheese for the "S" snack (that was an easy one to make)...

and the Rich Chocolate Fudge for tonight, also an "S" dessert. 

I dearly hope this plan will work as I am so excited to finally able to feed my family healthily without depriving them from the sweets.

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Roe Family said...

Love your new plan! Its so good to eat heathy but its even better when you understand really what heathy means.