Thursday, January 10, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama

Today I am adding a new HTC project on the list - eating healthily with an understanding.

Healthy eating is not a new concept in our house hold. We eat organically whenever we can. It is the part of HOW to eat them "correctly" that I needed help with.

So when my friend RP mentioned about this "recipe" book, I reluctantly bought it when another friend was selling them at a discount rate.

This book was worth every penny so far.

It is more than just a recipe book - it gives reasons why and how we should eat healthily with all the food God said to eat in the Bible.

If it is another fad diet book, it would probably have been tossed in file 13 by now or would have been donated to the library. It is not. It is a wonderful reference book, and I love reference books. Mind you they do have a big chunk of recipes in it (all health focus) and in a whole, how to live a biblical womanhood.

It shows me how I should eat all the protein and fat in one meal and protein and carbs in another. No calories counting. No guilt. I love it.

Protein being the base of every meal is the major theme of this eating plan. The fat or carb accompanying the meal is depending upon whether we want to lose weight, gain weight or maintaining the goal weight.

There are lots of protein powder and other stuff involved where I am finding a little difficult to incorporate just yet, since I like to eat things I can pronounce their names easily. They are not chemical loaded ingredients, just the health food names that I am new to and beginning to understand their functions in my body. For example: the Glucomannan powder was a mouthful for me to say but it is a super thickener with fiber to make your healthy but delicious pudding and liquid custard with (yes, you can have tons of healthy snacks and desserts).

To get the optimum effect of the meals, I must eat the S (satisfying - with fat) meal and E (energizing - with carbs) meal separately. To combine the two (fat and carbs) in the same meal would be deadly. However, this does not apply to growing children's intake of food. Obviously children (and pregnant and nursing mamas) have a higher fuel burning cells. This is a great eating plan for women who needs to add or drop pounds.

I never realize that banana is not a great fruit choice for adults, especially for women, because of its high sugar content. I am learning so much from this book and will start a meal plan as soon as I am ready (I want to eat up all the foods I already have in the fridge - just need to avoid mixing  the two types of meals together), meaning I want to be able to have the ingredients on hand to make those yummy snacks or desserts, at the least!

Oh and the Nutritional yeast! Where has it been my whole life? It was so yummy on my S breakfast (eggs and sardine) today!

Feeling healthy already!

Don't say I did not warn you if you do decide to get the book for yourself - you will have a hard time putting it down - all 606 pages of "IT"! :)

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