Monday, March 12, 2012

Peter's New Shoes

Peter finally got his first pair of Sunday Shoes.

When he was a baby, I decided I would wait on getting him any dressy shoes because he was (still is) so active and his feet was growing at an alarming rate. He also has wide feet which makes buying children dressy shoes a challenge as well.

Yesterday, while Robert and I were doing a little shopping at Target I saw a pair of pull-on dressy shoes and I thought maybe this will be an easy to put on shoes for Peter and it looked wide enough on the feet part. I was worried that he may reject wearing new shoes because the old shoes are so much more comfortable so I saved the receipt and left the tags on while he tried them out.

He loves it!

He looks like a little English boy with the dressy socks on with the shoes. I think the shoes will stay. :)

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