Thursday, March 8, 2012

Swamped and Sobered

The title of this post is a perfect description of my days lately.  Although I dislike the feeling of overwhelming, I have to say the busy days did keep me on my toes.
I have been visiting with my mom almost daily since my sister is on vacation. It has been wonderful to hear stories of my mom's life. She has lived quite a life. Escaped from two wars and raised nine children sure produced a very absorbing life.
On the home front, I have been busy rearranging furniture and creating samples for my March card making class. I am also in the process of re-organizing my filing system - however slow the progress has been. I stayed up late last week for Christine's Mock Trial competition and that did not help with my February goal of early to bed and early to rise. All of these tasks/event along with other little circumstances in our daily life engulfed the month of February.
However, when I am busy with a purpose, I found myself assimilating life deeper. I found myself eager to see what God wants me to learn.
One of the sobering lesson I learned through this busy month was how much my family got neglected. I did not realize how much they depend on me to be "presented". One example was that I got to a point I was so busy that I forgot to pack my hubby breakfast and lunch! It happened two days in a roll. I thought he was able to handle it so I kept on slagging on my job. He then gently reminded me how much he appreciates and likes my packing of his lunch. Boy, did I snap out of that fog and quickly refocus my priorities!
So, I am setting my March mini goal - priorities. I want to use this month to really search my heart and truly listen to what the Lord is saying to me through my family.
The first mini goal, believe it or not, is to re-establish my menu plan. A seemingly simple task (that I have stepped away from it since the end of last year) but procures such huge blessing on my family.
The second mini goal I would like to reach is to create an home maintenance list. Yes, I know the whys and hows of housekeeping but the bottom line of an orderly home is to maintain it, not cater it.
These two mini goals will keep me hopping through March for sure. :)

Goofing around. :)

Five seconds of "hailstorm" made some boys' day!

On our way to a basketball game.

Yup. I created all of these cards. Very satisfying.

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