Friday, March 16, 2012


My second card class was well attended. We had so much fun. I was so happy to see an old friend of mine joining us. She was Christine's piano teacher, and a wonderful grandma and a beautiful Christian lady, inside and out. I just loved seeing and being with her!
These are the cards we made. Some of them you do have to see (and touch) to appreciate the look. The cards are very textured and the * jewel* like stickers just make them all the more special.
If you are interested, this, this and this are the papers I used for the cards. I have plenty of paper left (from the power Palette) to create more cards.

I showed these cards to a good friend of mine before the class and she suggested that I should package them up and put them in a little basket and sell them at the boutiques. What an encouraging complement that was. So I did a little servery with my customers and this one card is the most voted one.  The black fancy circles chain are cut with shimmering black paper and the four *stones* on them are actually the epoxy stickers.

The finale.

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.Candy. said...

i love those cards! they're even better than those i see in the stores! you're really talented!