Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Baking Soda Hair Wash Solution Experience

Two more days I will be on my fourth week adventure of this baking soda hair washing trek.  I am still here and all the hair stay intact and doing just fine. :)

My experience has been a good one.

Here is how I have been doing it:

1) Thoroughly soaked my hair.
2) Mixed up one tablespoon of Baking Soda with 8 ounces of hot tap water. Using the plastic measuring cup and a wash pan I worked the solution onto my scalp.  After the solution dripped through my hair into the wash pan, I poured it back into the measuring cup and repeat the procedure until I am satisfied with the knowledge that I have cleansed my entire scalp with the solution.
3) Thoroughly rinsed off the solution from my head (just like you would with shampoo, except it does not hurt if some solution got into my eyes).
4) Mixed one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with tap water (hot or cold) and soaked the ends of my hair in it for 30-40 seconds (longer time if you have really drer hair).  Removed my hair and poured the whole measuring cup of vinegar into my head and rinsed my hair off immediately (just like I would with hair conditioner).

Proceeded onto taking my shower.

That's it.

There IS a transitional period when your hair looked sort of mat-ty - mine last about one week.  It did not bother me much as I was expecting it - my scalp was adjusting the production of oil that my hair need.

Note: My hair actually looked better if I don't wet my hair at all on the "off" days (I tried).  I chose to wash my hair with only water on the no solution days plainly out of habit.

It may sound like work but once you get into the routine, it is really no big deal because you only do this two-three times a week.

To me, the benefit outweighed the "work":
1) My hair does not have funny smell in the morning any more (it makes sense - we put baking soda in the fridge to get rid of odor, right?)
2) My hair is soft and fluffy - I hope the silkiness will come after a few more times of coconut oil treatment.
3) My scalp is producing the amount of oil my hair needs! Double yay on this one!
4) No more itchiness. Does your head itch after a day of no shampoo?  In the past, my head would, I have not itched my head for the last 19 days! What a pleasant suprise for me.
5) my perfume smells just the way it should and not have the shampoo-perfume mix.
6) Hair is easily to style especially with the blow dryer (I blew dried my hair to test it and it worked - I now will blow dry my hair for special occasion because I don't have to add on more hair care product - ie. gel, mouse, spray etc.).
7) My boys wash their hair with the solution and their head smell is almost gone.
8) My face and upper back of my body is smoother because the solution got on to those two areas (try this with the regular shampoo and I think the result would be quite opposite) - I have added baking soda as my facial wash and LOVE it!  I have said it before, I will repeat it: my face skin is now even pored (on the areas that are not damaged), that's something I have not seen since my puberty year!
9) Yep, it is green. It is chemical free.  A friend said Arm & Hammer baking soda has metal/chemical in it, I could not find any article about it. If you have any info on this one, would you please share?
10) you guessed it - it is economical. Very affordable. :)

Hope this helps for those of you who were interested in knowing how my "scientific experiment" has turned out. :)

Yes, I would highly recommend this to whoever wants to try it. Will I ever use regular shampoo and hair conditioner again? Well, let me just say that I have found a solution that works for my hair for now and I would rather save the money to get my favorite perfume/oil instead.

I also use baking soda to clean my house.

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