Friday, May 20, 2011

Little By Little

My little office nook is forever changing.  It is a bit difficult to play with this hall closet when there is a zero budget for it.  We donated our piano and office armoir to a fundraising garage sale thus the change of the computer hosting place.  I am still tweaking this little space of mine. Perhaps one day the closet will be what I envision it to be, at the mean time, I am just enjoying the little differences.

 Putting the monitor in it made the place look all "grown-up"!

 One day I will frame the butterfly card Christine made for Peter's first birthday.  I really like this card as it reminds me how much Peter loves butterflies and that was the first "word" he uttered (yes, even before Dah-Dah and Mah-Mah).

Like my shoe box shelf?  I love having green plant in my work environment. 

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