Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baking Soda

I love using baking soda to clean. It is so gentle and chemical free, best of all, it is very affortable. We started going green last year - it took a while to adjust using home made cleaners versus the convenient sprays we used to get from the stores. But the result is all worth it. I feel healthier, and it is environmentally friendly. I just cleaned my bath tub this morning with the baking soda and oh how I like it! It whiten the tub surface in just a few minutes and now I can let Peter roam in there when he takes a shower! For more uses of this wonderful ingredient, read here.

I bought a 12 lbs. bag for $5.29 (which comes out to be about $0.44 a pound) from Costco and div them up into six jars (I recycled the apple sauce jars) and place them in each of the three bathroom sinks cabinets, one under the kitchen sink, one in the refrigerator and one actually for, cooking. :) There's still plenty left in the bag for the next round.

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