Saturday, April 23, 2011

Soiree 2011

It was finally here and now gone.  What an evening it was for Christine and her friends.

Some moms from our homeschool group put together this annual elegant social for our high school students for years.  Christine attended last year for the first time and this year the excitement mounted even higher as the days drawing closer.  It was almost like she was preparing all the details for a wedding.  So fun to go through that with her.

Remember I blogged about the purchasing of the dress on our girls' day out?  You can see the dress in the pictures below.  To follow the dress code (yes, no spaghetti straps or other over revealing attire is allowed in this event.  If you violate the code, you will have to find something to cover your dress - and they do enforce that rule), Christine sewed on some sparkling sequence to expand the straps without taking away the airy feeling of the dress.  It was such fun project for her to tackle.

What I want to remember in this post, though, is that she paid for EVERYTHING with her hard earned money.  Ever since Robert lost his job, the kids knew if they want to do anything "extra", they would have to fund it themselves.  Praise the Lord, Christine has done many photo sessions this past year to enable her to set a small budget for the event.  She is such a good money manager.  She does a good job with the bookkeeping of her income.  She has managed to reinvested into her business, saving for the college summer camp and other things she wants to do that we consider them "extras".  I am so thankful for Christine's keen awareness of her family's circumstance and so appreciate her cheerful attitude as she tackles away life's projects.

Without further ado, here are some of the pictures of that evening~

 Rebekah and Christine

  My girl ♥

Andy, Rebekah, Christine and Nathanael

 Christine and Kasey

Just for fun, Christine added some peacock feathers on the back of her dress.

Some of the young gents.

What a fun evening they had.

 The line-up

Yes... This was the theme of this year.

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