Monday, February 7, 2011

Girls' Day Out

Two Saturdays in a row I got a chance to spend them with my sweet daughter. We went to two different malls to look for a dress for her soiree in March.

It is very hard to find something classy. The evening dresses are mostly short and strapless. Good thing we have about ten weeks to look for the right dress, so we were able to leisurely stroll around the malls and just chat.

Christine may be only sixteen (and a-half, she likes to remind me) but she definitely has a head on her shoulder. Very discerning with everything and every friend she encounters. I am thankful for her sweet spirit and her honesty. Her mind is so disciplined. It was wonderful to have a daughter, a friend. I love spending time with her.

Just as we thought that was another day of fruitless search for the dress, we found it! In a most unexpected store, too. It is a long blue-teal shimmering evening dress with draped front. It has spaghetti straps but we will fix that. It looks so elegant on her. we were very pleased with the price tag as well. It is very easy to find a nice evening dress but the cost usually starts around $200. This one we found is way below that price. Christine was most excited because she had allotted certain amount to spend on the dress and now she has money left over to get a couple of accessories to go with the dress. Did I mention she bought her own dress and paid for her own soiree? She did. Ever since Robert lost his job, Christine has been paying everything she would like to do with her earnings from her free lance photography business. We are proud of her, not just the fact that she paid for things, but that of her cheerful attitude in doing so. She is generous by nature and has great compassion toward those who are in need. She has many wonderful Christian friends and they adore her as well.

I will post pictures of the dress when the soiree day comes in March, until then, every one's dress is the BIGGEST secret! LOL!

Here is her last year's Soiree. Enjoy!

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