Sunday, February 14, 2010


Whew! Last week just flew right by! We had an extra busy week and a couple more coming. The bulk of it was due to the starting of baseball practices, CAP activity, Mock Trial and other school related meetings/events, etc. that had caused the "congestion" of the week flow. I am glad though Robert and I were able to visit his dad in the hospital one evening despite the chaos we were in.

Today is a special day. There are three things in it.

It is the Lord's day and we listened to a great sermon about forgiveness. That's something I need to do more than 7o times 7. Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting. It means that when I remember the unforgettable, I ought also remember the joy of forgiving and being forgiven.

It is Valentine's Day. This day always reminds me of that single rose Robert gave me on a very special year. That romantic gesture, shall I say has contributed my saying yes to his marriage proposal. :) I have gotten roses from Robert every valentine since then (usually without reminders), but somehow, this day always brings back that single rose memory.

It is the Chinese New Year Day. I am sadden to say that I have not done any preparation for the special event. Partly due to being married to an American and partly because not all of my siblings are closed enough (distant and/or relationship wise) for me to want to celebrate. Hope this will be a great year and perhaps a new beginning through forgiveness, Lord willing.

Here are some pictures from the past week:

Not sure how we waited until the last minute but we had to whip up about 60 valentine's cards and bags for the kids' valentine event at our homeschool support group park day.

Then I remembered seeing these at Amy's blog and thought we could put them together and created some cards/bags.

It was quite fun to use the chalk color instead of the color pencils. It went supper fast. The bags are cute too, I have to get the bag pictures from Christine's camera when she gets home later from visiting grandpa with her Daddy.
Happy Valentine Day!

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