Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Table Skirt

I have been working on setting up my scrapbooking center in my bedroom.  It has been slow coming partly due to the fact that I felt like I was trading a part of my bedroom to something that should not be there.

Living in small space has its challenge.  I am ever so careful at where I place what furniture within this 800 square feet of living space.  For that very reason, I am in a process of giving away the office armoire that was given to us.  I am hoping to be able to give it to friends before posting it on the freecycle.com.

Anyway, I have a few rules while putting together this scrapbooking center: All the organizing set-up must come from re-purposed items from our home; Taking my time to put ONLY what I really use in the shelves so it does not look like a place of pretty clutter; how to "blend" it into the bedroom so it does not look like a store set up and, without spending any money on it as I have zero budget for this project.

Using fabrics in this area has proven to soften the "office" look. To cover the bottom part of the table, I cut up my old fitted bed sheet and made a table skirt for it~

The "valence" was an after thought addition - Using the "fitted" part of the fitted sheet.  It was so fun creating this table covering. Definitely a project that was made up as I went along! You can see the "after thought" from the waves of the valence.  I hemmed it up so it does not look too raggedy.

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