Thursday, April 21, 2011


Vigilance, or the lack of it.  It does not happen to everyone.  At least I hope it does not.

For years, I have always been the first person get down stairs before everyone else in our home.  I would pack Robert's snack and lunch and make breakfast for him to eat before he leaves to work.  My children would almost always find me in the kitchen when they came down stairs.  Even little Peter.

Well, when Robert became unemployed last Christmas time, we slowly started getting up later and later in the mornings (which I dislike very much) because we stay up later at nights (Dad doesn't have to work the next day).

We don't wake up until around 7:30 in the morning these days.

The problem is, Peter still gets up early due to his regular bed time at 7:30pm.  I could not change it and make him sleep later even if I try (and I did try).  This past Tuesday morning we woke up an hour later then 7:30 am (no class that day due to Easter break) because the boys came in late on Monday night with the CAP activity. The good thing was I slept through the entire night without waking up as it has been the pattern of late.  My body must needed the rest.  The bad thing was we knew something must had taken place - Peter was way too quite for a morning at 8:30.

Preparing ourselves, Robert and I went down stairs and the scene was exactly what we had expected:

 All my new pre-shrunk sponges all got soaked and expanded.

Sorry for the blurry picture - I was a bit shaken up.  He opened up all the drawers and went through everything in it.  I am thankful he did not get cut on the foil paper roll's knife edge.

 Yes, he managed to pull this heavy chair all by himself into the kitchen so he could use the faucet.  The floor was wetter and the water more spread out than the picture shown here. I am thankful he did not find my knife tray.

Yes, all the drawers that contain things that are off limit to him all got touched.

The question was:  Was he being disobedience or was I lack the vigilance to be the mother God wants me to be to Peter?  Had I gotten up earlier as I have been for years until these past months, would this have happened? I don't know the answer.  Peter was found guilty siting in the living room and his wet clothing gave him away for the mischievous act he conducted.  He received the consequence for his disobedience on opening all the drawers that he was not allowed to and I received mine (cleaning up) for not waking up early. 

The Lord has convicted me that morning once more. Regardless what our life circumstance is or will be, my duty as a mom will stay the same - being vigilant to my children and to my home. Thank you, Lord, for the reminder. obey is better than sacrifice.... 1 Samuel 15:22

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