Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beach Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day for our first beach trip of the year as a family. The cloudless blue sky tricked our minds thinking it would not be an overcast day and therefore, we would not get sunburn.  We were so wrong but all the kids thought it was worth the pain for such nice day at the beach.

We met up with a few families and had a spring/summer kick off!

We saw a school of dolphins and we followed them until we couldn't see them any more. There were whales too.  What an eye feast for us!

Love this picture and the boys in it!

 Busy playing...

 I love this following photo series of Peter digging in the sand...

 "Let me help you, brother... to dig a hole.."

 "Dad! I need some help...!"

 "Why don't you try it over there?" Dad said


 "Hmmmm.... this is easier... I am already in a 'hole'..."



Christine snapped a shot of me.

 Peter enjoying a Jo-Jo at the beach.

 Who wants peanut butter sandwich when there are Jo-Jos... Ditto for Pete!

 Hello Ocean, I like you...

 "I like the sand too."

Christine and Peter

 Hello Kiddos!

The beach gang - memory made.

You can see how bright and sunny the day was from this picture.  The yellow flowers were EVERYWHERE!

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