Tuesday, May 3, 2011


In these busy days, I want to be sure I locked away these precious memories.

 After that morning, I have been up when he gets up in the morning or before him.  Can't afford to have accident on my laziness.

Peter copies everything we do.  Including cooking.  He was watching me stir fried rice the night before and this was what I found in the wok the morning after.  He poured all of my oils into the wok (thankfully my olive oil was at the end of it but my canola oil was 1/3 full.  What scared me in this picture was the Pam spray being so close to the stove range.  Thankfully he has not figured out how to turn on the fire.  He even took out the eggs and got a hold of my raw rice.  He did not know the rice has to be cooked before you do the fried rice. LOL!

Afterward, he put together this Lego structure.

Looking at pictures of the Charlie Brown book.  I love how he holds the book open.

 More Lego building, I think this is a car garage???

 Putting together Baby Moses in his basket. Peter learns quickly with hands-on activity.

 A Saturday "field trip" with Dad and Mom at Lowe's build & Grow program. He was so into it here in the beginning of the building process.

 Then he got bored....

 Finally, a finished project - the bird house.

I used this egg plate for my devil-eggs (I wish there's a better name for this delicious egg recipe) - My friend Christine Hubbard made it.  I bought it at a fundraiser boutique.  I think that was one of the last pieces she created before she passed on.  I remember her every time I see this plate.

Peter is learning the numbers.  I hope he will master the concept of adding to 10's by playing with these beads.

More chess "game", this time with Mom.  He is really getting a hang of the piece placement.  It was so fun watching him "move" his pieces.  He was all over the board, with patterns!!!

Another puzzle he knows by heart. 

Moving on to stacking card house...

Well, it did not go so well.  That's OK, just need more practice (the Ace card is set up firm between the crack of the table leaf as a "foundation". :) 

For Joshua, after MANY practices, is able to make a two story card house.

Peter wanted to extend our staircase.  Some times I want to be a fly in this kid's head.

Every child should have these stackable cups.  This set was Christine's but every kid in this house play(ed) with it including my oldest son to my granddaughter.

Yeah... the cups kept him occupied for hours (and working his brain)!  I highly recommend this toy!


Susan said...

Sweet memories in the making! Just an aside - my husband calls deviled eggs "angel eggs" because he doesn't like the 'official' name much either. :)

Lori Alexander said...


Laines site...You will love her!

Our Lives said...

@ Susan, I like the "Angel Eggs" name! I will be using that name from now on!

@ Lori, thanks for the site I will check it out today. :)