Thursday, October 7, 2010

How are we doing...

We are still unbelievably busy.

It has been more than two months since school started.  I felt like I still need more time to line up all of the schooling activities to make the week go a bit smoother.

I think my biggest challenge lies in having my children's ages in such a big gap.  Their activities being so varied that I could not practice the usual home teaching method where everyone sit together for the same subject, etc.

Since I can't change the fact, I need to think up some strategies to battle it before it takes me under. LOL!

First thing I need to do is to get my menu plan back in place so it will eliminate the dinner dilemma (it has been wonderful since I restarted it.)  Amazing how food can either make or break your day.

Second, Get back to my daily routines (which I have detoured when the co-op classes kicked in). I sensed that I may need to revise a few things on the weekly plans.

Thirdly, I need to multi-manage my time slightly, meaning I should do my knitting, reading and weekly planning while I sit in the classes waiting for my children.

Then I can tackle the homework part of the challenge.  We do have homework from all of the co-op classes, plus the regular studies we do at home.  Oy.

We don't do tons of extra activities because we just don't have time for them.  I like to have my children remember how fun it was to be able to stay home and learn and that whatever we did was mostly family oriented. We only watch movies on DVDs on weekends and as a family serving our community and church family.  My hope is that when they have their families, they will carry on some of their most fond traditions in their homes.

All in all, being busy is not necessary a negative thing provided the busyness help channelling the energies to something that glorifies God, such as keeping the family together by serving together as a family.  It is so vital for Christian families to have that mindset, that, in turn, may also help our children to stay out of troubles.

May the Lord bless your day today.

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