Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stop And Savor The Moments

It is time to stop and smell the flower...

We have been non-stop since the beginning of August.

Here I want to catch my breath and remember the days and the moments I captured of my children's lives.

Christine won a whole bunch of ribbons at the County fair for her entries.  You go girl!

Big brother reading "The Little Red Caboose" to little brother on the floor. Just precious.

Christine's "second shooter" in training... Ahem, first lesson:  How to position the camera correctly perhaps?... :)

Doing homework together for the Speech Club. I love this picture.

Joshua attended the ACE Academy for a week.  He learned something about the airports and more.

We went to the "Golden West" concert.  The Air Force band was incredible!

Christine created her business website.  She earned her first paycheck when she was fifteen and a half. 
Good job, girl!

Peter found out he could see the garage through that little hole between the door and the door frame.

Joshua received his Certificate of the completion of the Redstone.

Peter found the "School Bus"!  I know at least two kids have played with this family toy before him.

Peter always remember to pray before he eats.  However, he is working on closing his eyes and bow his head when he prays. :)

Christine started her Photography Club this school year.  She is one busy girl!

Here I am holding the 16th birthday figurine for Christine.  It would be the last one I got for her birthday.  Sixteen years.  It sure went by fast.

Happy birthday, dearest girl!

Peter also wants to be a police officer one day.

Joshua was in the color guard for a high school football game opening night.

Looking good Cadets and Captain!!!

Someone got caught "White handed".  He found the lotion pump and thought it was the greatest toy, obviously...

Robert helping out at the CAP program as a senior member lieutenant.

Joshua giving a current event report at the CAP meeting.  He is so handsome to me. :)

Christine and her friends celebrating her birthday.

A surprise party for her at the mall outside of Starbucks.  About 28 friends and families showed up.  Christine was surprised! :) The Neuzil gals helped me pulled together all of the details of the table setting (that's Emily on the right).  Thank you, Kim, Jodi and Emily, I could not have been able to do all of these without your help! God is so good!

Our sweet 16 girl  ♥  We love you!  ♥

My dear, dear friend was the photographer for the evening.  Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures Christina! A memory I will treasure forever!

Her friends scattered all over an area of the mall and yelled "surprise!" to her as she came closer. 

Christine's dear friend's Mom made this beautiful heart shape cake for the event.  Not only the cake was delicious and was made with organic ingredients, she also ordered the special colors to go with the figurine theme and colors!  Thank you so very much dear Annette for spending your time making this cake even during the hardest week in your life.  You are truly a blessing from God to us!

The flowers headpieces Christine and I made for the girls.  I think Christine became suspicious of why we made 17 flowers while there were supposed to be six friends coming to the party.  Well, surprise!!!! LOL!

My days will continue to be busy probably throughout the whole school year, but I do want to pause and reminisce whenever I can by posting pictures of our lives.  Thank you Lord for giving me a family I have always longed for.

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Budgets are the New Black said...

You are a busy, blessed woman! The picture of Peter praying is just precious. All of the pictures are precious. So many "extraordinary, ordinary moments"!