Sunday, October 10, 2010

It Seems Like It Was Just Yesterday

That my eldest child was born...
(I have not time to up load any of his baby pictures...)

He was about twelve in this picture.  So care-free.

Always in action... (he made that shield himself and a couple more for his siblings)

"Live long and prosper...."

Washing mom's car with sister... She was more enthused than he was...

A picture with our beloved Sign language teacher.

How about one with the "presidents" on a July 4th celebration...

Ahhh.... good old beach time.

He's got a leg for soccer.

My all time favorite.  Peter was not even a dot at that time...

Then.... he got himself a wife!

Then hes was a dad! Our sweet Ezri!

Of course, life would not be completed without second grandchild.  He is a cutie!

He decided to enlist into the Air Force.  You go Erik!

I don't know how this picture got in here... anyway, take it as a happy birthday wish for you, my son!

The Three Brothers

My kids, by God's grace - Erik, Christine, Joshua and peter.

Twenty-Three years have passed. 
You have come a long way my son, may the Lord continue to keep you and bless you!
Love ya!

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