Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rest. Break. Reboost. Slow Down

I need to do all of the title mentioned!  Is it really Wednesday evening already?  Ever since Monday when I hit the ground running, I feel like I have not stopped. 

Monday was Christine's 16th birthday.  We had a nice mother-daughter mini outing right after Joshua's class.  Then I took Josh to CAP early so he could fly his model rocket but the crew showed up late.  I fell asleep while waiting in the warm car.  I had not had good sleep lately.  On Sunday night I couldn't sleep until almost 3:00am Monday.  Needless to say, I was running on my adrenalin.

We decided to give Christine her 16th birthday party this year.  Because her birthday landed on a weekday and because she has such tight schedule we have to wait until after her birthday to give her the party.  She is very good about it and said she actually likes it as it feels like she is having a long celebration for her 16th b-day.  I think she has had a total of four birthday parties in her life so far.  We are just not much of a party people I guess.  I know she will have fun this Saturday with her friends though.  We are very much looking forward to it.

I can tell I am tired as I feel like I am just rambling on.  I will post about the party afterward.  For now, I better hit the sack as tomorrow is another busy day.

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Sharon said...

It is a buys season.. I'm glad to hear that the party was special. And I hope you are able to find some REST soon!