Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A thought that came out of a hotel stay

We stayed at a hotel for a few days during one of the summer trips this year.  Not sure about you, but I like staying in a hotel.  It is a special treat for me.  My camping days are over.  My body just does not do things I like it to anymore.

My favorite part of the hotel staying is coming back into the room after we were out for a day and found everything was clean.  A clean bathroom, fresh towels and freshly made beds. 

Then I would think to myself:  Wouldn't it be nice if I could keep my home this way daily! 

I know it is possible, just as the maid has a schedule to keep (making sure herself that she finish certain amount of rooms every day), I should be able to remind myself from her "routines".

The maid cleaned the room and bathroom RIGHT AFTER we used it each day we stayed there.  No matter how yucky of a mess we had made.  Because she cleaned it everyday, the bathroom (especially the bath tub) is spotless every night when it greeted us.

One of my high school summer job was working at a motel. I had only 20-30 minute to turn out a cleaned room.  I don't remember the pay but I remember learning how to make the bed tight and the bathroom sparkled.

Thirty years has gone by and I have made countless beds every morning and cleaned the bathroom every week in our home.  The children have grown up and have learned to clean their own bathroom and make their own beds.  I found myself becoming a little relax about bed making and bathroom cleaning in the recent days.

Thanks to the hotel stay this month, I have gotten back the trick of keeping the bathtub clean and bed making - DO IT RIGHT AFTER WE USED IT.  Simple as that.

Onto another topic...

Christine and Joshua have been helping me with the biggest summer project - Cleaning out the garage!  They are such great helpers!  I also like the fact that they would tell me something that I want to save for them that they don't really care to have, hence the easiness of tossing and giving away the items.  After all, I do not want to leave behind too much things for them to sort through and clean out, if the good Lord calls me home before my time.  I have heard stories of friends spending weeks cleaning out their parent's homes after they were gone.  They got to a point that they became so numb of the stuff that they just gave things away without even looking through them. 

I don't want that to be our case. 

We have now done the major cleaning of the garage and will be doing the fine tuning starting tomorrow.  I will post pictures when the project is done.

After the garage, I will be tackling all the books we have in the house.  I love books and being a homeschooling family, we can't help but have many books in the house.  Also, due the children's age gap, I have books all the way from toddler to literature!  It twill be a challenge to organize and categorizing them but it will be a great project I could execute with my older kids' help!

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