Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Special Day

Seventeen years ago today, we tied the knot.

Two imperfect people joined together as one, in His perfectness.

We know each other for about 21 years!  I have lived with my husband longer than I lived with my own parents.  After all these years, we have come to terms with things/habits of each other.

We have learned to "become" like the other, but -

He still likes to keep his hands dry as much as possible and I wet my hands consistently and love it.

At least we agree on the way the toilet paper roll should turn...

He still likes the flattest pillow he could get and I, on the other hand, the fluffier the better.

And neither one of us get bothered by each other's snoring any more...

He likes to hit the sack and be gone and I like to read into the wee hours.

He likes to have a dozen of kids and I am contented to be blessed with four (fortunately this is the area we have no control over).

He likes mild food and me the spicy queen.

He likes to take time making decisions and I wanted the decision made yesterday.

He is extremely romantic and I the practical gal.


We both love a good laugh!

We both like to sing (even though I could use a singing lesson).

We both like jokes (that got carried over to the kids, too).

We both are Conservative when it comes to major issues.

We both love the Lord and love to keep His commands.

We both love our kids SO very much.

We both love to watch movies (the kids second it).

We both know that the eternal hope we have is solely by God's grace.


Yeah, 17 years just blinked by and we are looking forward for many more to come.

Happy Anniversary, Beloved...




SmallWorld at Home said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy 17th Anniversary! Loved the wedding picture!

Your friends,
Craig, Kim, Chad, Jodi, & Emily

Jamie~ said...

Happy Anniversary! What a precious tribute to your marriage. I love the process of two becoming one over the years and how God can take two completely different, sinful people and make them have the time of their lives together. Congratulations on seventeen years!