Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peter Boy

It has been a while since I blog about Peter's growth.  I know I am not tracking it month by month progress any more but I thought it might be fun to just write down some things he has been doing since he turned two four months ago.

~ Big and tall is the external image I have of him.  He is almost 38 inches tall and about 36 pounds.  I no longer could hold him standing up for a period of time.

~ Peter is super active and he lets you know what he wants with no compromise.

~ Curiosity is an understatement when it comes to describing his personality at this age.

~ Still no word of "Ma".  Just "Ba!" and we all know that means Ma!

~ The "B" sound still seems to be his favorite take.  We can hear him say ba, bee, baby, burk (book), butterfly (whispering-ly) but not many other sounds. Oh, another two distinctive words are cars! and Go! He does make strings of sounds as though he is talkng in a sentense.

~ He can hum the whole tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, again, not clear wording at all.  The only two parts he made them some what clear are "barbarbur" (up above) and "mino-mino" (like a diamond).  So cute!

~ Peter loves to march!  Left! left! Left Right Left! All the way up stairs and into the bathtub for his bath.

~ Peter loves whoever would spend time talking with him.  He carries on the conversation as though you know what he is saying.  Precious!

~ He still naps from 1-3pm and sleeps 11-12 hours at night from 7:30pm.

~ He eats just about everything, OK, not everything.  He will eat some Chinese green vegetable but he won't touch broccoli.  He does not like red color food either (meaning no spaghetti).  He still eats an avocado a day.  Plain yogurt and maple syrup is still his favorite.  Eats any fruit especially Oranges (we can't move to the east coast, he will eat us into a poor house with oranges)!  He loves the light and clear Chinese melon soup I make, and yes, sweet tooth does run in the family. :)

~ Peter L.O.V.E.S french fries (yup, he is a Yankee all right)!  Home-made or In-N-Outs! Only fries, no burger, mind you.

~ He likes books.  The chapter books seem to be able to get his attention the most.  I know he can't read  so I am really curious why he likes to pop those books in front of himself and pretend he is reading them.

~Good Night Gorilla and Tuggy the Tug Boat have been two of his everyday read!
~  Sometimes I would like to be a fly on the wall in his little brain.

~ One thing I am not so happy about is that he has developed a taste of movie watching and he is glued to the coach if I put one movie on for him to watch.  When I say movie time is over he would let out a scream protesting for more and then we will have movie separation anxiety attack.  I know it is time to deal with it and I will. :)  We let him watch movies like Mary Poppin, Sound of Music, Winnie the Pooh and a couple of Vegetales (I know, I know).  We were so surprised that he also like the Walton's TV series. He would join us watching that old TV show (we borrow the DVDs from our local library).  I wish I could find out how to get Mr. Roger on DVD as we don't have cable and don't watch TV at all but I remember liking Mr. Roger's series.

~ Peter loves to see his name being written on papers.  We would hold his hand and help him write his name over and over everyday.  Now he could actually make the "P", "t" and "r" legible and part of the "e".  I want to work with him more on that.

~ Peter is being a typical two years old.  Testing his limits at his every waking minute. But we still love him regardless.

~ My favorite one - Peter would put his hands together to pray before every meal.  If we are a little delay in praying with him he will let us know by making sounds.  It is so wonderful to see that!  We trained him to pray when he was six months old with his first meal.  His "Aman!" resembles something like "jer-jin" (and it is not even Chinese)! LOL!

Well, there you are!  Peter at 28 months old!  We love you, Peter!

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Jamie~ said...

What a doll! I love hearing where kids are in their growth, because as a mama, that's what brings me joy. Too, too precious. I understand about the movie thing, the marching, the books. We have those things here, too.

Sounds like you have every reason to be proud.