Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hair Cut

Did it this morning. This hair cut was way over due. I can't remember when was the last time I had it cut but it was a long time ago. The hair dresser was surprised that I didn't have any hair split ends for letting the hair go so long without a cut. I don't blow dry my hair and I don't use any hair product - maybe that was the key? I told her that I would like to have a hair style where I can just wash 'n go! She delivered it. I really like my new hair cut. She did try to pursue me to dye my hair (hide the grey) but I sort of like my grey hair, they almost look like a highlight. LOL! Robert does not like faked color (dyed) hair so my hair will have to be salt and pepper until they turn all white.

Before - almost to my waist line.
After - wash 'n go!
P.S. I just looked at the first picture again and noticed I really do have a lot of red in my hair! I can see it especially against my black wind breaker. How does this happen? Don't all Asians have black, black hair???


Budgets are the New Black said...

Love your hair! Just had to come back here because I remembered a friend I had in college whose ethnicity was Chinese, and she had the most gorgeous, thick black hair with red highlights! People would ask her if she had them done! I'd never seen anything so beautiful. You're very lucky! (And I like the natural gray, too!)

Our Lives said...

Thank you Jolyn. :) I feel blessed of having such easy care type of hair as well. I used to put mousse/gel stuff on but I don't have the time and money to do anything right now with my hair. When we are on step three or four with DR's money makeover plan then I will style my hair more often. :)