Thursday, March 4, 2010

Peter, Pot and Butterflies

Little things that made your heart go "Awwww..."

Yeap, he is just a normal toddler playing with some normal toys.

Peter loves butterflies. Most of the time if I want to calm him down from crying, all I need to do is to show him something butterfly related. I borrowed this colorful book from the library and he was oohs and aaahs all over it.

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Jamie~ said...

I love the little things that mamas find to calm their kids down. I think it's learning who each little person is and what makes them tick.

One of mine would instaneously stop crying any time I showed her our family picture. I lovethat about her!

He's pretty cute, by the way. :)

Sharon said...

That is very sweet! My little guy has a thing about stars... horses and dogs too, but stars really float his boat!

Joyfull said...

So sweeet! That is great that you found something that interests him so much. He is one cutie!