Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday - Light bulbs Change

After visiting Amy and Sarah's blogs yesterday, to say I am ready to tackle some projects that have been lingering around here is an understatement. Amy named her link party the Anti-Procrastination on Tuesdays (starting on March 9th) while privately I named mine Tackle it Tuesday (don't you just love alliteration), to remind myself that if anything, I can tackle some delinquent projects/chores on that day. I may not attack the tasks only on Tuesdays but it is a good motivator, knowing Amy and her friends are doing so.

To start small, so I don't get over my head again, I am posting the light bulbs change task.
Trying to save money (on light bulbs and on power bill), we let the light bulbs went out one by one. When we only got down to two, we could hardly see what's on the table in the evening. Really, how long does it take to change the light bulbs??? Again, trying to save some money, we went to the 99 cents and Dollar stores to get some new ones. Nope, they don't carry that type of light bulbs! What?! Then our days got super busy this past month. Robert finally got it at Home Depot on Sunday while I lay in bed sick. Now we have bright, matching light bulbs in our chandelier. It only took, erh, TWO MONTHS to get the bulbs but less then 5 MINUTES to change all of them!

Now that, my friend, is procrastination for ya! :)

The bunched up wire chain really bugs me. We can't let it down because we have such tall people (except Peter) live in this household that we'd be bruising our heads all the time with the chandelier dangling at its normal height. I am going to fix that. Well, it will be a project for another day.

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*carrie* said...

Thanks for your comment on my post about groceries. I hope to compile the results for tomorrow.

I can totally relate to procrastinating on small tasks. Good job for finally changing the bulbs! =)