Thursday, April 30, 2009

Restoring order this week - #2 project

It has been a full week and I love it. I've gotten so much done that I feel like I just can't (and don't want to) stop. The feeling of liberating oneself from stuffs is incredible! I felt like I've lost much weight - the invisible weight. This Blog has also become my accountability spot. I found that blogging is very soothing to me. I feel like I finally am journaling our lives, it is a daily recording of ordinary lives in an extraordinary time.

Going onto project #2 for this week, it is bathroom cabinet #2. Do you remember the lightness of the guest bathroom cabinet feeling I mentioned? Well, I really want to extend that feeling over to the rest of the bathrooms. So, here are the befores...

What a mess.

Here are the afters:

A bit more things than in the guest bathroom but are all necessary stuff.
I found this wrought iron basket at TJ Max when I went out shopping with my friend Karen earlier this month. I rarely shop there because it is not local enough for me plus, I am just not in a mood for shopping at this season in my life. I was surprised to have found this basket. You know how it is when you have certain look you want to get but you don't exactly know how to describe it? That was what happened with this basket. Karen and I looked and looked at Michael's before heading over to TJ Max. The baskets at Michale's were either too big, too wide, too short, too soft, or too tall, too small, too wild, too colorful, too brown, etc... You got the picture. :) Even though it cost $7 but I really like the look of this basket holding up my log soaps.

I like the give-a-way beauty bags when you purchase some skincare products at the major department stores. I use them to house all the extra personal care stuff. This one houses my traveling size personal care items. This particular one brings back memory of Peter's birth as I went to the hospital shortly after I got it.

This clear one holds the feet soaking solutions and gadgets. I need to get back to my feet soaking routine.
This one holds my regular make-up.

Until I find a suitable container for it, the dryer will have to stay in this Ziploc bag.

I have had this container before I got married. That's many years ago...

...still holding up pretty good though. I toss all of my pony tail holders and hair accessories there.
Ahhh... My microfiber cleaning cloths... all rolled up resting nicely next to the baking soda jar. I save all the used toothbrushes for little cleaning jobs.
Another recycled jar. Its previous life was a yogurt holder. Ha!

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