Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cookie Baking Fiasco

I know I have a long way to go when it comes to cooking, or baking in this case. I will be more specific here - cookies baking.
One would think how hard is it to bake cookies? A little flour, a couple of eggs, lots of butter and some wonder dust (aka sugar) voila! Cookies are made!
That may be easy for someone who LOVE to bake cookies, like Robert and Christine. It is some kind of mind block when I took on the task. So my cookies baking usually goes something like this:
"Oh, it feels like a day to have some home made oatmeal cookies..."
"Ok, dear/mom, you got it!"
Wasn't that simple and easy? I should have stuck with that method of cookies baking.
But I really want to try to bake them myself. So when the opportunity came, I took it.
I was approached a few weeks back to bake some cookies for a Good News Club. No problem, I thought to myself. It will give me a chance to practice my cookies baking skill. I jotted down the date I wanted to deliver the two dozens of cookies - three days before the event date.
Well, life happened and I got super busy. Monday came and gone. No cookies made. Tuesday came and gone, still no cookies. Today I told myself it is a top priority on my to-do list. Yep. You guessed it. One of our cars' motor belt broke (and something else - cost estimate $700 - $800. It doesn't rain here, it only pours) and I had a commitment in the morning that I needed to fulfill, so after the car went to the shop and Joshua off to the squadron (I think he lives there this week - preparing for the Color Guard competition this weekend), I found the recipe on-line (all of my fancy sugar cookie ideas were out of my head by that point. I just wanted to deliver those cookies I promised). In the midst of trying to get everyone ready to leave and trying to bake something I never done before, all I could say is, my friends, don't try it, it was not a good idea. I, a novice baker, did not read the baking instruction all the way through, ended up mixing all the ingredients together... I know, just pick up your jaws. Oh yes, the cookies still tasted good - Anything that pertain sugar, flour and butter are good! It was just that they didn't look much like the Chewy Oatmeal Cookies I had in mind.

See what I mean?

Now I was determined to bake those batches of cookies. I sent Robert to the store and got more butter, brown sugar and rolled oats. I mixed the ingredients again, except this time I followed the instructions to the "T" and had Robert by my side to "supervise" me. The cookies turned out much better and I felt better giving them out to the kids in the club.

Second try (and better lighting for the picture) :)

Will I bake cookies again? Sure..., I think so. My family loves cookies and they will like the cookies however way I mess them up... I think... I hope. Who knows, if I make enough mistakes the cookies may turn out marvelous an delicious one day. After all, failure is the mother of success. Right?

The bell just rang, my last batch of cookies is coming out of the oven. The room smells like yummy cookies and I am ready to pack the cookies up for delivery.

If you by any chance are baking cookies right now, Please think of me. :)

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