Monday, April 27, 2009

Restoring order this week - #1 project

First de-cluttering project for this week:
Guest Bathroom Cabinet.
Starting with the least cluttered one would give me a boost that I need to tackle the rest of the bathroom cabinets

I always try to keep this space light, but not sure how some stuff just made their ways there. Perhaps it is nice and airy and they would like to stay for a while?

Well, they are being evicted today.

This one is a give-a-way.

These belong to the medicine shelf in the linen closet up stairs and the Living/Dinning area. Put-a-ways.
Love my microfiber blue cloths. These things do a great job dusting and cleaning. The more you wash them, the softer they feel. I rolled them up and put them in my Starbucks basket. We are now into rolling all of the roll-able fabrics and let me tell you, it saves tons of spaces and looks nice.
Voila, one down, two more to go.
I think that's my last can of Lysol spray. I have started using the homemade cleaning solutions but want to use up whatever we still have that are store bought.
Time to start the day with my children, and I am ready!

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