Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FLY Day 10 - You can do anything for 15 minutes & fridge/shelf de-cluttering

Day 10 is here. Since I am going to have a busy day today, I want to be sure I get this post in early. One of the tasks I have planned and want to accomplish for today is to clean out my fridge. Will post some pictures later.

Update - I finally finished the fridge task. It was not as challenge as I thought it would be. I also cleared the white shelf in my kitchen above the pantry. It took a few tries before I reached the way I like the shelf to be. BTW, the character next to the blue Tulip (Christine's Keeper's project when she was about 8 or 9) and vase means "Spring".



Before (door)

After (Door)


After #1 - Too Lop-sided...

After #2 Too plain...

After #3 Not really balanced...

After #4 Too busy...

After #5 Something is still missing...

There! Finally! It's the winner.


Where did I put the basket of flowers? It got a new home, too. :)

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