Thursday, May 6, 2010


Kids and happy time always seem to have a way of disappearing FAST!

Erik, Emma and the grand kids are on their way home now. We missed them already! I am so thankful to have spent time with them during their visit. Now every time when we say a certain word or phrase it would remind us of Ezri and the way she said it!

I hope to go visit them next year.

I was under the weather last week. Just out of the blue. No one else in the house got sick though, praise the Lord!

I took Peter to the Doctor this morning to have his puffy left eye checked out and the Doctor said he has an infection in his eye (?)! I asked where could he have gotten it and she said sometimes it can just be a small foreign object got into his eyes (even shampoo). Peter has no fever or any other symptom except the puffy red (on the bottom of the) eye. She asked me to use Johnson & Johnson's No more Tears shampoo.

As I was in CVS picking up the prescription and shampoo, they couldn't locate his file. Then the clerk asked: "Does he not go to the doctor often?" Whoa!!! I never thought of it but it is true, besides the regular baby care check-up, Peter was in the doctor's office for only two times in his life, three with this eye thing.

The plain yogurt works! Yay! The daily intake of avocado obviously works too as Peter weighed in at a whoopin' 38 pounds at the office!!! Wow!

Onto Joshua, he enjoyed his big brother's company so much that after Erik left, he felt like something huge is missing. We did some Star Trek movie watching while Erik was here. Erik is a Trekkie. He explained some parts of the movies to me (I am not a big fan of science fiction movie). Josh just altogether had an awesome "out of this world" brother bonding time with Erik.

Christine's free lance photography biz is getting responds. I am so happy for her. Last Sunday We spent about five hours on location shooting. As I was waiting for her and her friend to do the shooting, I was once again so thankful for being able to be in my girl's life. I want to do whatever I could with her. She will grow up and be on her own soon enough. I want to soak in all of the time we have together and make memories so I will have no regrets. Christine is a very sensible girl and I pray that she will be used by the Lord to do His will accordingly.

The house... It was not bad, we were keeping it up but just didn't add new hot spots to each person last week. We are doing it this week again. Erik went home and vacation is over. *sigh*

We were watching one of The Waltons series a few nights ago, when one scene came up that Erin heard the preacher's calling at the door and she wanted to be with him, so she closed her Short Hand books (SHORT HAND!!!! NOW THAT'S ANCIENT!!!) and left them on the clean dinner table, Joshua made this comment: She is cluttering up Ma's Hot Spot! Woooo... music to my ears! LOL!

We had some great time with our kids these last few weeks.

I love my kids and happy days even though they both seem to have a way of disappearing FAST. ♥

We had a lovely time at the Mother-Daughter Luncheon.

My girls in action! Christine did a photo shoot of Ezri. We had a great time chasing her around.

Peter refused to take a nap in his comfy bed but ended up falling asleep watching Winnie The Pooh on the couch. I popped his head up by placing a couple of square pillows on his side. Silly boy but we still love ya!
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Sharon said...

every time I read one of your posts I just feel the JOY and LOVE and GRATITUDE of your heart. It's always such a beautiful testimony to me. And a lovely part of my JOY filled day.

(and I love the picture of you and Christine... it's stunning)