Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FLY Day 9 - My de-cluttering maids

Today we are continuing on Day 9. It is getting into the real purpose of this method. I am looking forward to this task. I know it will take me a long while before I could get my home to where I really hope it to be -- clutter-free.
There's always something new to learn, no matter how old you are. It is all about life in baby steps.
With today's task, instead of using boxes, I use Grocery paper bags for the de-cluttering job. Here are the simple steps of how I put the bags together.

1 - Get three pieces of papers in different bright colors, six paper bags and a stapler. Label the color papers accordingly.

2 - stapled the labels on three bags.

3 - inserting the extra bag in each labeled bag.

Voila! It's done. When I fill up each double-bag, I just take out the "inside bag" and give it or throw it away. Inserting a new "inside bag" each time as needed. The Put a way bag stays strong as I won't need to remove its "inside bag". I like the bags method better than the boxes because bags are easier to carry around and I have lots of them to recycle.

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