Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekemd :: Game :: Project

We seemed to spend all day yesterday at the basketball game event but it was only for one game actually.  Perhaps I had been looking forward to this game with such eagerness that when it was actually here, I felt like I'd spent the whole day enjoying it!
I was excited about the game mainly because I finally can watch a game without bringing the stroller and diaper bag.  Peter actually sat (ok, not the whole time) and watched the game with little problem.   Peter has been doing much better in places we go now that I feel a little easier to take him with me to stores and events.
I like this shot of Josh running.

You can do it, Josh!
Christine said that Peter was the comic relief! Rightly so in this picture. :)
Our dear Jodi turned 16 that day! How time flies! Happy birthday, Jodi!♥
What is this? Well, this, my friend, is a project I have been wanting to do for AGES. We spent Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon planning and working on a partition solution.  It is almost done.  I will share as soon as it is all done.

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