Thursday, January 12, 2012


What a surprise it was when I received a phone call from a friend I have not seen for a long time. She was referred to me by a mutual friend of ours that I may be able to help her out by doing a little translating job.

Growing up I had three dreams and one of them was to become a language translator.  I love different languages. To me learning a different language means learning about a group of people.  I have always enjoyed making new friends from different parts of the world.

I still remember when I first came to America, Thanksgiving to me was merely another holiday the American people celebrate and a turkey must be served.  Fast forward to today, after years of homeschooling and learning the American history lessons along side my children (whatever I could retain), Thanksgiving is an endearing holiday to me now. The reason alone of why we have Thanksgiving is enough for me to view this special holiday in a new way, not to mention the emotional attachment every American goes through with that holiday. This is just one of the many things I have come to understand that culture is much more than the language.

The translating job went well and I was encouraged once more that perhaps this dream would eventually be realized, Lord willing.


Anonymous said...

Jenny, Where is this unique bridge? Kim

Our Lives said...

Hi Kim,
I wanted a picture to illustrate the connection between two points (languages) and bridge is always a good one to do so. I found this picture from Google. Isn't it a pretty bridge? :)