Monday, March 15, 2010

Minimize it Monday - Letting go

Ok, nothing fancy. Just another cabinet. The feeling of satisfaction, though, is enormous. I boogied this cabinet and pared it down to almost bare minimum. We (I) love it! No more zillions of mugs/glasses to wash and everything is so easy to find and return. The hardest part for me was letting go some of these mugs. Even though I gave away some, I do keep the good ones in a box in case the ones that we are currently using broke. I am on a roll with this minimizing effort. It feels good to live with what we really need and I want to see if we are disciplined enough to do it.

Before - How did my spices got into the cup cabinet????

After - We are keeping the big John Wayne mug because it is Robert's favorite coffee mug. I am basically only keeping four of everything here until Peter is completely on board with us using glass/mug and all. I keep all of my yogurt jars - speaking of which, I need to make some more tomorrow. The plastic wares on the third shelf are containers for Robert's work breakfast and lunch items. I limit consumable items for food containing (ie. plastic wrap and foil). I have lots of Tupperware and it is about time to put them to good use. Eventually though, I would like to switch everything to glass. I don't like using plastic for food storage, but right now our goal is not to buy anything unless it is absolutely necessary.
The shelf liners are my grocery brown bags. I love recycling them this way. It took forever for them to get dirty or looking dingy, and when they do, I can replace them easily and at no cost!
*The test run on the spoon and fork etc. is working out well and I am happy to know that I won't have a gazillion of spoons and forks to wash every time I am at the kitchen sink.


Amy @ New Nostalgia said...

Come link it up to "AP Tuesdays!" -would love to have ya again!

Love the grocery bag liner idea.
Isn't it great to eliminate??:)

Lol at the spices, somehow vitamins always find their way to our cup cabinet.:)

Laurie said...

I like the grocery bag idea also. :)