Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Pre-Algebra! Ah...
I have always wished to have a chance to review (or re-learn) Algebra. However, My first two kids' Algebra courses were taken while I had to care for a little one.  This year, I am fortunate to have Christine as a baby sitter while Joshua and I go to his Pre-Algebra co-op class.  I am the only "parent' student there but I don't mind.  I am having such a great time refreshing my love of Algebra, this time with a much quicker and easier understanding of the math.
When we are home, I would ask Joshua for his homework assignment so I could do "my homework" as well. We love it and it creates such a special bond between my son and I through this fun class! So wonderful!
One of the subjects I will be taking in a college when my kids are all grown and left home. It sure will keep my brain from being too rusty by not using it. lol!

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Roe Family said...

I Love Math also! Its really good for keeping our bains working right! So glad you get to do it with him.