Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thought :: Wood blocks :: Orange Peels

This year, my blog has acted as a diary to me since January 1st. It is a wonderful thing even though not everything happened in our lives got put in here but a daily reflecting on some parts of our lives is good enough for me.

As much as I want to write out goals and projects and tasks, I realized my life does not work like that at this point. It is funny to hear myself talk like this because I have loved lists, planning, scheduling (to the minutes - no kidding) for a long time.  Something happened last year. Actually I think it was a few years before that. I started "go green" (or be a good steward with what I had been given), my life has gotten simpler and lots of things are more straight to the point to me since then.

Changing from paper towel to cloth is the biggest change in the housekeeping realm. Eating healthier in the diet realm has helped me to be aware of what I put on the dinner table. And "facing" myself (the hardest one) in the spiritual realm has caused me to cry out to the Lord more times than I want to remember. All of these are good.  I always know things either go one way or the other, life never just stop at one point.
With that said, I do have goals, projects and tasks.  They will all be unfold here as the days go by I am sure.  I need to be content as where the Lord wants me to be at this point in my life.

Peter still loves playing with these wood blocks and he LOVES lining them up. He was with this activity for about an hour today and took them with him when he went down for the night (he put them on his "night stand" so he could see them first thing in the morning). Cute kid!

What is with the orange peels? Well, that was a lovely dinner dessert (very simple) and lots of conversations went on as I was peeling them and the kids eating them.  The dinner table conversation is a very precious thing these days as Christine and Joshua both have busy extra curricular schedules. I completely lost myself in the occasion when this happens and I don't mind peeling all the oranges in the whole world for those priceless moments.

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