Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goal, Project, Task and God's Grace

At the FLY meeting last night we talked about personal goals and projects. We were excited as to how we can get back on some of the routines we once were so diligent with.

On the way home, I was thinking about those three things: goals, projects and the tasks (aka to-do list).

Then I realized that planning and thinking (the activities) through and prioritizing them are the most important steps before I could even say, set goals.

What is goal? In my opinion, goal is something that takes the most effort and endurance and specific measures to accomplish.

My Goal: Drink more water.
Sounds easy, doesn't it? but it takes planning (what time do I drink most of the water so I don't end up running to the bathroom in the middle of the night.) It takes effort, or self discipline (I need to be sure I REMEMBER to drink the water at the planned time.) How much to drink (I have to be specific on the amount - basically the ounces of half of my weigh number - 84 ounces, which equal out about five 16oz. glasses.)
Now, that is my long term goal. It would take me a while to reach but it is worth all the efforts. I will know I have reached the goal when drinking water at the planned time becomes second nature.

My project (or Mini Goal): Finish painting the door and re-organize the furniture.

Project to me has always the feel of ACTION! It is something I know that has the beginning and the end (paint the room/doors and re-organizing the furniture). It is something I have already started either mentally or physically (one room is painted, now put the stuff back together).  Something I just need to follow the steps and it will be accomplished (get the correct paint and finish the job.)
This project would probably take about one week to accomplish since we will only work on it at our spare time but I see the ending point.

My task: Keeping the sink clean at all time.

Who is with me on this one? :) This is basically my to-do (or established daily chore). It is something I only have a short spans of time to accomplish without suffering its consequences (pile of dirty dishes, which leads to lost motivation to cook which leads to the sabotage of the menu plan.) It is something I will reap immediate satisfaction once it is done (a clean sink, wanting to cook, menu plan followed.)
Tasks include but not limit to: bill paying, porch cleaning, homework assignment, etc. You get the picture.

God's Grace: I could never take on anything without His grace covering me.
As much as I know the "how tos", I would never be able to boast this or that was all due my efforts.  Without God's grace being there every time when I messed up my goal/project/task OR life, I could never be able to pick up and start all over again. So praise be to God, WHO is the ultimate controller of all. Alleluia!

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