Friday, January 6, 2012

Music to My Ears

"Flip..., flip...", there it was again. In an half awakening stage of my nap I heard those wonderful page turning sound of books. I did not want to wake up as I was completely soaking myself in that familiar beautiful "music". The boys were reading!
I fell asleep because I have some how injured my right shoulder a while ago and it was flaring up this morning so badly that I poured out all of my energy to cradle the shoulder, which left me exhausted especially after moving the books from one bookshelf to another.
Even though I don't not enjoy moving books around I do enjoy the result of it, every time. For some wonderful reasons, my kids would almost always sink themselves into the piles of books and re-discover books they have "never" read before and they would do that for the remainder of the day.
Meet up with "old friends"
I have always love reading until recently when my eye sight got worse. I love reading with my kids. Not necessary reading to them, just sitting next to them and read. It is the most satisfying experience I ever have with my kids. I did it with my oldest son, then my daughter, then my other son, and now my toddler. Just love it!
Mini Goal #1 accomplished. Now I only need to nail the family portrait higher up and move the other picture frames on the floor to some walls.

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