Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mini Goal #2 - Good Sleeping Habit

I sent Christine off to her last road trip this morning.  Very disappointed that I could not accompany her. I hope she will enjoy all these "last time" high school activities as the graduation day is getting closer.

I did some errands today while Josh was in his class and overall, seemed to be a very productive day. Not much was done at home but some paperwork got sorted (that's a biggie).

Before I attended the FLY meeting tonight I wrote down some goals to share with everyone there.  I had a list.  I stopped writing when it got to the seventh or eighth goal. I was not trying to finish the list as I know it could go on and on and on. My point was to write down something I really want to accomplish for a while now. After all that writing, what stood out to me were the goals of early to bed, early to rise and drink more water.  So going to bed by 10pm every night except Friday night and get up at 6:30am every morning (except Saturday morning) will be my mini goal #2 for this year.  I want to do it for the next three weeks in a roll consistently as I know it takes at least 21 days to establish any habit. If I succeed, I would be so happy as I need proper resting desperately.

Looking at my computer clock - it says I have 6 minutes left.

Off to bed I go!

Love my new clock!

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