Thursday, October 13, 2011

Juice To Health

I have come to an end with myself about what I have been putting into my body in the past twenty years.

My body has altered more times than I wished for. After four childbirths and not an avid exerciser, my weight has been in the biggest fluctuation in my adult life. 

My energy level... well, there was no level.  I was mostly flat.  As women we sustain so much changes with our body in a life time. 

My back started aching, my right shoulder was out and it seemed like I am in the bad mood more than I am in a good mood most of the time. Something need to be done but I was not sure what and how. 

So one night I Googled about health, and one thing after another, I ran into this documentary film "Food, Inc." (this link is for the trailer) after I watched that, I completely lost interest in eating "ground beef" ever again.  But what really inspired me to get into this Juice cleanser thing was another documentary film by Joe Cross, an (wealthy) Australian man who came over to America to loose all of the unhealthy weight he had gained because he got his priority in life upside-down.

Granted, I do not have that much weight to loose as Joe Cross (trailer of the movie he made) but it is enough to make me say, "I need to get on a healthier diet" to regain my energy so that I could better serve my family.

By the way, if you are thinking "Oh no, she is going to jump onto that "diet bang-wagon" and crash and burn in a few days!" Rest assured, I have no intention of launching a new eating project just because I was inspired.  Instead, I prayed and asked the Lord to give me patience and to teach me that self-discipline is actually a key being played in this project.

So, I started this Juice To Health (JTH) on Monday October 10th (happened to be on the day of my twenty-four year old son's b-day).  All I have been doing so far is drinking more water everyday, making myself move around more often (the dancing lesson on Tuesday evenings helps a great deal on the moving around part) and noted how much sweets I have been eating everyday, researching for a good juicer AND I weighed myself: 175 lbs. Ouch.

The number cracked the scale! No, just kidding. Something heavy dropped on the scale and cracked it.  I will just use this one until I see some progress before buying a new one.

So welcome to my journey of JTH.  I am indirectly asking you to hold me accountable with this project. LOL! I will try to keep you posted weekly as to see what eating healthily could change my life and the lives around me (namely my family).

Press on!

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Amy Bowman said...

I have been juicing for a year, started when diagnosed with cancer. I am a true believer and can't tell you the energy it gives me. I have some posts coming up on my experience. I juiced everyday during treatment, now I juice about 3-4 times a week, green smoothies on the off days.
Eager to hear about your juice journey!

Our Lives said...

Thanks Amy for dropping by! It's been a while since I Joined in the AP Tuesday at your site. I just linked this post there (This is something I have put off way too long...) Thank you for the encouraging words on the energy part. I am now searching for some good juice recipes besides JC's Mean Green Juice. I will do my best to update my JTH journey here.

Beth said...

Accountability is essential. My friend lost her extra weight by journalling so I imagine blogging will have much the same effect. Post pictures, too, ok? I don't have a huge weight issue, mostly because I have a very active job, but I don't always pay attention to the foods I eat. Reading your blog is a great reminder to stay th course.

Amy Bowman said...

Here are some great and easy recipes to try out..

Our Lives said...

Amy, it is where I got my original juice recipes - The mean green juice is really mean! LOL! I am also learning not to do it "cold turkey", which I really do not have a desire of anyway. I juice three times a day now and eat regular meals as I have always been doing except with a bit more control on the size of each meal. For example, I eat one instead of three of my favorite cookies, etc. I feel really good and I have lost one pound so far... not bad for a casual healthy diet.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from TNAT. Sounds like a good plan, and nothing that's too over-the-top and unreachable. Good luck!