Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time Flies

And we are having fun!

It has been a very busy, productive and overwhelming summer.  So much have taken places and at times, I felt as though I could hardly keep up with life's pace.  Life goes on regardless.

We have started school this past Monday.  So far it has been nice easing into the new old routines again.  Next week I will anticipate a heavier school week as some of the co-op classes will be starting up.  I have not kept up with blogging nor taking much pictures.  I have been busy but it is rewarding to know I could help supplementing with my CM biz.

Here are a little glimpse of our busy days... I just realized next year this time, Christine would either be working full time and taking on-line college classes at home or she would be leaving home to pursue her dream in the college campus. 

Yes, time flies.

 We finally painted the boys' room. Cool Gray was the color. I will post an after pictures when the room is completely done.

It helped so much with putting things back on when I grouped the parts of the hardware together during prep time.

 Christine's wedding workshop.  She has wonderful friends.  Becky was the Make-Up artist besides being a bride's maid.

 The "groom's men" getting ready.

 A beautiful windy day!

 Christine at work.  I love the back ground of this shot.

 and this one...

 Really cute idea of wedding party shot.

 The majesty of His handy work. Just beautiful.

 The Bride and Groom.  They were wonderful!  I loved watching them.  The love and adoration between the two were so spoken in their interaction.

 Here is my budding photographer.

 Yes, that's the letter "A". Free-hand.

 He was trying for the letter "W" here.

 At one of my crops.  A page created by my customer/friend.

Some-one got hold of my camera...

and started clicking away.

 Happy 18th.

 Hmmmm..... I have a mouse named "Little Pete" in the house.  He was busted while snipping away the sweetness.

I worked on Joshua's encampment graduation pictures. Using the CM Border Maker System for the fence border. Watch this video on how to use it.  I am in love with this useful tool.

 It was a memorable day for Joshua and for us.

 Peter was just so excited to see his big brother looking so sharp that he wanted a piece of it too.

This was such a special picture that I decided to "frame" it with a jazzy border. Do you like it?

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Jamie~ said...

Yay, you're back! I loved seeing your summer through your pictures.

What a blessing it is to have your beautiful family around to take pictures of, yes?

Glad you're doing well!

Blessings, Jamie