Sunday, July 24, 2011

Having A Life

A long time ago, I read in a blog that the author felt like when bloggers stopped blogging it is because they have a life. I remember not completely agreeing with her (because I loved reading her blog).

This has happened to me this past month.

Ever since I returned to the CM biz, I have been devoting every single spare minutes I had to reconnect with my former customers and get the paperwork work part of the biz documented in a precise manner to avoid Income tax nightmare.

The result? The sacrifice of my blog time, both in reading and posting.

Today is Sunday and there is only Peter and I here in the house, I took a much needed rest on the "day of rest" and thought this might be a good time to catch up with a post. 

Be warned, there are lots of photos in this post - I was having a life. :)

Another round of play time!

Peter lined these pins up in a formation of a triangle...

Why, it is for a bowling practice of course!  Ur... Aren't you suppose to knock them down from the pointed end, Peter? Well, too late....

Let's try some stacking up with the pins...

or how about back to the slots they belong...

and turned them upside down!

The end. I am "it". You turn Mama!

Next day, still with the pins. This time Peter lined them up in rainbow color. I think Joshua showed him one time how to do it but I did not expect him to remember. Smart kid!

They both love looking at the outer space photos.  I often found them sitting side by side like this.  Love it!

Got this toy a few years ago.  So glad Peter is able to build with it now.  I put it away because when he was two he was just using the boxes for a throwing game. He was not ready for it. Now he is three and everthing seems to have changed for the better.

 One of my favorite pictures - My kids playing with each other.  You can guess their ages by the flexibility of the bending position of their legs!

 I did say Peter likes Astronomy right? He has been looking at this book, like, for a long time.

A very sad day took place on July 12th.  This precious lady passed away.  She was a very dear step-mother-in-law to me.  This picture shows her holding Peter when he was one month old, on our way to a baby shower for him.  My SMIL drove down from Independence with my FIL.  She went with me and Christine to the baby shower while the men/boy stayed at home. She was such an active old lady.  I miss her. She was also one of the main reasons I blog so she could see how the kids were doing. Now that she is gone, my motivation on blogging also dampened.

Open Shop - got ready for the workshops

All of the merchandises were on display. Not to mention a clean garage!

We had so much fun! Cricut and all!

 This page was created by my customer using the Cricut wedding cake die-cut and the new border system. Beautiful!

Sending my Joshua to his first CAP Encampment.  He looked so tall...
Christine also left the next day to check out Patrick Henry college.

Peter played on as the only child left behind... Crayon airplanes, now why didn't I think of making these before?

 More pattern play.  This time he lined every pin in the middle of each tile square edge, creating a fantastic pattern.  Did you see it too or was it just a Mama thing?

Since Pete loves the alphabets and the cookie eating, why not combine both? He loved it!

 I created this folder game for Peter.  He loves alphabets and sign language. He is able to match the ABC squares to the signing squares.  He was not doing it here though.

 He is signing the letter "b" here.

Letter "d".

 Letter "e".

 We attended Joshua's Encampment graduation yesterday. He had a big week. Very motivational for him to press on with his CAP program.

 Ten years ago I had a similar picture with my oldest son. It seems like Joshua has gotten taller still...

My boys!

Well, that's all for now. Hope the posting gap won't be so big the next time.
Have a restful Sunday!

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