Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Days

I just realized that I have not blogged for ten days!
Life has been so full these days with all the grad parties we have gone to and the re-starting up of Creative Memories.
I have been taking photos though.  Peter is loved and cared for even in the midst of these busy days.
Robert continues to work very hard at his temp job.  He leaves at 4:30A.M. and does not return home until 4:00P.M. We so appreciate his diligence in providing for us. 
Christine is busy taking photos (what else would she be doing? :)) and is getting so excited to check out a college summer camp and seeing her out of state brother and his family. She is also working hard in preparing yet another wedding workshop.
Joshua is all about CAP.  Everyday last week he has been studying to pass a module test. He did so with flying color. So proud of him!
Peter, oh our little Peter! He is "reading" Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb! book by Dr. Seuss. Of course he does not read yet, but he turns the pages and read with sounds like "hend-hend, pingers, dumbs", he seems to memorize the whole book with each page's sound (what the phrases of each page sounded like to him - does that make sense?). That reminded me of my oldest son, who when he was younger, did the same thing.  It is so wonderful to hear Peter "read".  We read about 3-4 books before every nap time and night time. He won't let us lax on it! 


Do you remember those birds that stayed on your ONE finger? 

 My hard working girl.  She loves photography and is seriously paving that career path.

 Boys at play!

 Building super highway...

Nice job, guys!

 Another Lego bridge. Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!

 So glad to see Joshua building with his Lego again.  He is very good with it.  We had to put the whole collection away when Peter turned one. Now they enjoy building together!

 Robert and Joshua went to a baseball game on Father's Day. Free tickets and all.

 I did mention Peter likes to line things (or food) up, right?

 A new wood construction. This almost look like the camp fire structure my older kids use to build when we camped.  Time to take Peter camping!

 Pattern... Here we go again...

More handy works!

Have a great week, everyone!

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Jen ( said...

I love that first photo! So cute - the goggles definitely make it. :)