Monday, April 18, 2011

Ressurrection Egg Hunt

Easter is coming in a week.  I saw blogs that have young children were all doing something to celebrate the holiday.  That brought to my memory an unforgettable Resurrection Egg Hunt homeschool event years ago, when Christine was a little girl.

I did not grow up with Easter in my life so when I first encountered the ways my American friends celebrate Easter, I was wide-eyed.  After I became a Christian, I had a hard time to celebrate Easter with bunnies, eggs and candies.  Even though our children were not exposed much to the above mentioned from home,  they knew about it from other sources.

Ten years ago, when our homeschool group decided to do a Resurrection Egg Hunt for the children, I was excited.  The children had fun with the tradition and at the same time, learned about the true meaning of Easter.

I scrapbooked the event.  It took me about eight hours to construct the eggs and the contents in them (scrapbooking was a new thing in those days and one always had to improvise.) I am so glad I did the pages.  Now when I look at them I remember that day as if it was yesterday.

 Here is my double-spread pages on the event. I wrote the verses on the eggs and writings of what the children were learning outside of the eggs.

It was such a challenge to create the eggs and the contents in the eggs!

 Christine in her pretty pink dress and her hat.  She was (still is) my "hat" girl. 
What a memorable day we had! 

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