Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I believe having pain is a good way for Christians to taste God's mercy and grace. Be it an emotional or physical pain. We'd realize that we do not have any control in our circumstances. Only by God's grace we are alive.
I woke up this morning with tremendous pain over my body again , especially on my shoulder blades. I tried to take a deep breath and dropped both of my arms to help relax the body but to no prevail. Sigh. It's been a norm with this aching business in the morning since last month. I don't know the cause and probably would never be able to figure it out. But deep down in my heart, I know all is well, with my soul. I know the Lord knows all of the aches and pains I have and I know that He allows this to happen for good reasons.
Already, I've learned not to get too frustrated due to the achenes which has limited me for doing too much (I used to multi tasked like there's no tomorrow) and that I NEED to rest and just play with my children. I've learned not to commit myself to things without consulting with Robert first as he is my 100% supporter and great helper in all the things I do, especially things that requires heavy lifting. I've learned that relationship is something when given a chance to nurture, do it, because you never know when that opportunity would vanish. I've learned that because of the dizziness (it comes and goes through out the day), I'd forget to defrost the meat for the night's dinner, and that it is ok to whip up something simple and quick and not to have the guilty feeling eat me up. I've learned that Jesus suffered hundred times more pain than what I am having when He died on the cross for my sin so that I may have eternal life, and that I would not take my salvation for granted. That after all is said and done, I will face death one day and He will be there to receive me as He has promised. I've learned that when someone hurt me deeply, with intention or not, that I'd forgive him/her as my heavenly Father has forgiven me through others.
So, yes, although the pain seems to be unbearable, there's a ray of hope and joy deep inside me wanting to shout Alleluia! Praise the Lord for His eternal perfectness!

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